Spring 2002


WeAreMU.jpg (25501 bytes) Amy B., Amy S., Marie, and Dani show off their MU pride at a men's basketball game.



Amy, Marie, Nikki, Bridget, and Emily spread some love at the Valentine's Day party. LFCookies.jpg (149545 bytes)


LFGroup.jpg (115741 bytes) Happy Valentine's Day!


Alpha thugs get in touch with their ghetto side at Commissary Steward. GhettoGirls.jpg (211887 bytes)



Volleyball.jpg (45257 bytes) The ladies are all enjoying the AWE-sponsored volleyball tournament at the Annual College of Engineering Picnic.



VballTrio.jpg (33747 bytes)

VballEm&Mitchi.jpg (34833 bytes)
Carrie, Amy S., and Marie and Michelle and Emily H. take time on the sidelines to smile for the camera.




UECMighty.jpg (41145 bytes) UECHerbie.jpg (91889 bytes)

Holly and Emily L. show off their stellar sawing skills while Abby and Angie have fun with the Herbie-cide at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee.


UECGroup.jpg (56306 bytes)

They braved the snow to help at UEC! Front: Emily L., Nikki, Holly, and Jen L.   Back: Angie, Emily H., Abby, Amy S., Kristen U., Sarah, and Melissa G.


Susan and Michelle smile as Steph and Sarah help paint the AWE window for the Winter Flurry competition. WindowPainting.jpg (177019 bytes)



WinterFlurry.jpg (207517 bytes) Sarah, Steph, and Nikki pose in front of AWE's window decoration. Nice job, ladies!



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