Harley Fest!!!

Fall 2003



Street.jpg (627915 bytes) The ladies hit up downtown Milwaukee during Harley's 100th Anniversary Festival.



Emily, Michelle, and Sam savor the moment at La Perla. WallTrio.jpg (1104646 bytes)



Holly&Miche.jpg (468538 bytes) Michelle and Holly are ready to hit the town.



Michelle and Sam are all smiles when they think about bikers. Sam&Miche.jpg (491051 bytes)



WaterSt.jpg (1093250 bytes) Ready to party with the bikers on Water Street.



Getting ready to serve thirsty bikers at the birthday bash. Little did we know the insanity that was in store for us. Workers1.jpg (657678 bytes)



Workers2.jpg (669967 bytes) Sarah, Bridget, and friend Stacy are ready for business.


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