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Dawn Aimone (Rush Spring 1996) has just found an apartment in Chicago and will be moving in with my fiancee Brian April 1st. I'm working for a land development consulting firm doing the design work for residential areas which by the way the firm is looking for Civil Engineers. I am also a Director for Foundation so you will be hearing from me soon as I hope to get involved with the scholarship side of things.

Rita Anne Ritter (Rush Fall 1997, MU class of 2000, bioelectrical) is currently living in Addison, Illinois. She is working at Siemens Medical Systems in Hoffman Estates as a firmware engineer in the maintenance and development of nuclear medicine cameras. If you don't know the lingo, firmware involves programming embedded systems; where the hardware meets the software and nuclear medicine cameras use radiation to study physiology and diagnose cancer. In her spare time she attends her sister's basketball and soccer games, shops, goes to movies, watches Survivor, and spends time with Mike, her fiancée, sisters, and friends. She is planning her wedding forFall 2002 and wants to buy a house closer to work by then. She misses all of her friends who are still in Milwaukee and those that have moved all over the country. Of course, she also misses all that time off that you get in college like winter break, Spring Break, various Catholic holidays, etc.

Julie (Block) Pronovici (initiated Spring 97, graduated Spring 00) lives in the great state of Minnesota, where it's still below zero and we have 2 feet of snow on the ground. I'm working at Medtronic in Software Testing. My husband Ken and I just bought a house - we'll be excited to move in a month or two! In my free time, I'm involved with a couple of music groups: I joined a local orchestra (where most people are MUCH better than me) and I direct the Medtronic choir. We're hoping to sing the national anthem at a Twins game - we'll see what happens. If you're ever in the Twin Cities, look me up!

Jeannine Weinberg  What am I up to? At the moment I would say about knee high in dirty diapers  but we don't need to go into that. My beautiful little girl is going to be one very soon. Her name is Jessica. She is the love of my life and we do  everything together. I just recently left her father for a much better life.  Jessica and I moved back to Huntington, NY where I grew up. We are in the process of buying a home with a cute little backyard, she can enjoy come summer. I am also returning to the work force as a financial advisor. I guess  you can say all my number crunching during AOE paid off. The only other truly  exciting thing I can speak about is I have become political. I was a delegate at the 2000 GOP convention in PA for Senator John McCain. I was able to shake  the hands of some of the worlds most powerful people including our new  president. An honor and an experience I will never forget. I hope all is well  for you. Best Wishes, Jeannine Weinberg

Tanya Bryne (Rush Fall 1996). After graduation Tanya moved to Denver, Colorado and worked at a small civil engineering firm, working on residential subdivisions and drainage studies.  In April 2001 Tanya took a position in Anchorage, Alaska at a civil engineering firm called DOWL Engineers.  She works in their Water Quality and Private Development group, working on projects such as Wal-Mart and Safeway.  She had knee
surgery in September so you can find her spending a lot of time in therapy or hanging out with her boyfriend Bryan.   If any sisters are ever in Alaska look her up, she's always available for tours.

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