Fun with Triangle

Spring 2004




TriPile.jpg (1023113 bytes) These crazy kids are having a blast at our mixer.



Kirsten, Sarah, and Carly are lookin' cute. TriTrio.jpg (834669 bytes)



Stew and Carly.tif (2835052 bytes) Stew and Carly have fun shooting pool.



Aren't they cute? CJ and Lora.tif (2818252 bytes)



TriPoint.jpg (1054323 bytes) Who invited these guys?  J/K



Katria, Kirsten, and Krista...say that one three times fast. Katria Kirsten Krista.tif (2818252 bytes)



not sure if that is working, Krista.jpg (440845 bytes) Not sure if that is working, Krista...



Why do these four appear to be on an incline? TriPeace.jpg (972713 bytes)



TriDinner2.jpg (610507 bytes) Emily and Katria line up for our potluck dinner with Triangle later that semester.



Everyone relaxes in the Chapter Room after dinner. ChapterRoom.tif (2835052 bytes)



Loungin.tif (2818252 bytes) More lounging on the couches.



Okay, we've almost got everyone gathered... TriCouches.jpg (590890 bytes)



TriEveryone.jpg (589958 bytes) The gang's all here!



Krista shows off the hat she stoled from Pretzel Face. TriHat.jpg (644521 bytes)



Triangle 019.jpg (636204 bytes) Sarah, Katria, Krista, Holly, Bridget, and Kirsten have a rowdy good time in the basement after dinner.



Sarah and Holly share a moment. Triangle 031.jpg (621960 bytes)



Triangle 035.jpg (634101 bytes) Kirsten, Holly, Pappada, and Opie wind down the evening.



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