Fun with Triangle

Spring 2003



Joyce and Holly are having a great time at the "Survivor" Olympics mixer at Triangle. Triangle Mixer 013.jpg (614450 bytes)


Triangle Mixer 011.jpg (316941 bytes) Sam and Mike are exhausted after the Olympics.



Is Sarah getting a swirly? Triangle Mixer 012.jpg (604335 bytes)


Triangle Mixer 008.jpg (178736 bytes) Ben is oblivious to Lora's joke.



The men of Triangle clumsily try to serenade us during Ritual Week. Friday April 25 023.jpg (633078 bytes)



Friday April 25 024.jpg (630506 bytes) Jen and John are excited for milk and cookies!



What?! Friday April 25 025.jpg (625329 bytes)



Friday April 25 026.jpg (616674 bytes) "Okay, now everyone stare down the camera."



These girls love Triangle. Friday April 25 027.jpg (643576 bytes)



Friday April 25 028.jpg (622545 bytes) Seniors rule!



Candidates, pledges, and rookies all get together for this shot. Spring 03 candidates and rookies.tif (2815828 bytes)



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