Midnight Madness with Triangle

Fall 2003



Champs.jpg (1106527 bytes) The actives are having a great time getting ready for Midnight Madness with Triangle.



Sarah shows these boys how to play pool. pool shark in action.JPG (1038205 bytes)



Opie, Scott and Sarah.JPG (1006849 bytes) Is this a victory lift?



Carly and Kirsten are enjoying the Madness. Carly&Kirsten.jpg (432509 bytes)



Bridg&Stu.jpg (457917 bytes) Bridget and Triangle pledge Stu cheer on the basketball team.



Amy and Holly meet up in the arena. Amy&Holly.jpg (476579 bytes)



TriPledges.jpg (969323 bytes) Awww....pledges.



Holly shows off the latest Midnight Madness tshirt. HollyTshirt.jpg (409645 bytes)




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