Spring Social 2004




Hotties.jpg (638775 bytes) Krista, Melissa, Mollie, Nikki, and Holly have all studied up on their characters for the Spring Social Murder Mystery.



Katria, Carly, and Kirsten get ready to solve the mystery. Cuties.jpg (1046821 bytes)



BigGlasses.jpg (630379 bytes) Who are these costumed hotties???



Hmm...which one of these is not like the other... Spring Social.PNG (521313 bytes)



Spring social bigs and littles.PNG (503917 bytes) The Spring 2004 Candidates pose with their Big Sisters.



Did these guys just solve a clue? HitTheRock.jpg (649079 bytes)



gypsy joyce.PNG (476009 bytes) Gypsy Joyce looks puzzled. Maybe she got a weird reading from her crystal ball.



Interesting... Spring Social Mollie and Steve.PNG (539448 bytes)



katria and date.PNG (481629 bytes) Katria and her friend have that Middle Eastern intrigue.



Someone picked up Sarah and Mike in Vegas. Sarah&Mike.jpg (607726 bytes)



Jen&Krista.jpg (633969 bytes) Jen and Krista are lovin' that bond.



Jenny and Nick start collaborating. Jenny&Nick.jpg (856916 bytes)



Holly&Katie.jpg (1088351 bytes) Holly and Little Sis Katie have coordinating outfits (sort of).



Sarah, Mollie, and Anisha show off their style. Mollie sarah anisha.PNG (504006 bytes)



Melissa&Krista.jpg (878191 bytes) Melissa and Krista take a break.



Big glasses unite! Spring Social Holly and Molly.PNG (458684 bytes)



Spring Social group.PNG (461510 bytes) All of the ladies had a great time!



Everybody back on the bus! krista and holly.PNG (541345 bytes)




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