Spring Social 2002

"Rock the Boat"



SSGroup1.jpg (153419 bytes) These ladies are having a great time!



Marie, Amy S., and Amy B. show some love. SSAmyAmyMarie.jpg (98216 bytes)



SSAmysFamily.jpg (155288 bytes) Amy B. and her collection of little sisters: Melissa R., Katie, and Holly



Sarah, Emily L, and Nikki enjoy the rockin' boat cruise. SS3Some.jpg (99257 bytes)



SSAmysDance.jpg (157549 bytes) Amy B. and Amy S. show off their Cancun-inspired dancing skills.



The rookie class (Melissa R., Melissa G., Kristen R., Emily, Nikki and Lora) join their Mem. Ed. Bridget for a photo-op. SSCandidates.jpg (154908 bytes)



SSAmyEmilyRachel.jpg (178003 bytes) Emily H., Amy B., and Rachel show off what they've got.



Joyce, Carrie, Holly, and Amy B. share some big laughs at the afterparty. SSBigLaughs.jpg (150002 bytes)




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