Kappa Sigma Mixer

Spring 2003



Friday April 25 014.jpg (626094 bytes) Carrie, Betsy, Marie, and Steph are all smiles.


Marie, where's your costume?

100_0102.jpg (33382 bytes)


Friday April 25 013.jpg (626833 bytes) Holly and Michelle love the camera.


Everybody gets down to "Ignition Remix."

100_0098.jpg (41321 bytes)


Friday April 25 006.jpg (629162 bytes) Someone must be telling a REALLY funny story...



Holly admires the banner that Amy tried to smuggle out in her pants. Alas, the boys caught her and made her return it. Friday April 25 002.jpg (629006 bytes)



Festrunk.jpg (769147 bytes) Emily and Miche are "two wild and crazy guys."



Who put these hotties in the corner??? Corner.jpg (454952 bytes)



Sam&Carrie.jpg (655977 bytes) Sam and Carrie are dancing the night away.



Emily, Marie, and Joyce appear to be getting sleepy...or something. Emily Marie.tif (3312652 bytes)




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