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As an individual, I will promote integrity, character,honesty,

self-confidence, and uphold my financial responsibilities.


As a sorority, we will promote unity, friendship, professionalism,

follow traditions, and maintain our image.


As an integral part of the school, we will promote engineering activities, high

scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.


As an active member in the community, we will promote understanding,

knowledge, and communication within our profession.



To create friendships while promoting self-confidence, professionalism,

and motivation among female engineers of all curricula.


To work for the betterment of the individual and the Sorority as a whole.


To create a friendly and warm environment among its members.


To promote the welfare and interest of the profession.


To strengthen the relationships between students and faculty.


To enhance educational achievements and scholarship.


To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character.


To foster and maintain the bond of sisterhood through a continuing program for the alumnae.