Frequently Asked Questions

by Prospective Members



What makes Alpha Omega Epsilon a better option than other sororities on campus?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is both a social and professional sorority. Because all of the members are or were engineering students at one time, an even stronger bond of sisterhood is forged. Alpha Omega Epsilon can double as a support group for women in engineering - certainly a minority in their field. Alpha Omega Epsilon offers many opportunities for professional and leadership development in addition to the social benefits of sororities. In addition, many networking opportunities are available with our alumnae. Most alumnae are more than willing to assist in the hunt for an internship, co-op, or full time job. They keep the actives updated on job opportunities within their firms and fields. No other organization exists on Marquette's campus that offers the benefits of both Greek life and professional development for women engineers.


What kind of events does Alpha Omega Epsilon participate in and sponsor?

Alpha Omega Epsilon has numerous events every semester that fall under committees such as professional, sisterhood, social, and philanthropic. For a full listing of the committees, please click here. In addition, Alpha Omega Epsilon sponsors a number of events every semester that are open to the entire College of Engineering. Below are some examples of events that the committees plan:

Professional - speak panels, industry tours, alumnae interviews, career counseling

Sisterhood - pumpkin carving, crafts, movie nights, ice cream runs

Social - serenades, mixers with fraternities, Spring Social, Dinner Dance, bowling with other professional organizations

Philanthropic - Al's Run, Hunger Cleanup, Give Us 4 Day, Urban Ecology Center, food drives

Commissary Steward - the actives cook and eat dinner together

Active and Candidate Day Aways - opportunities to bond together off campus

Recruitment (College of Engineering) - professional speakers, annual volleyball tournament, weekly bake sale


How professional is the sorority?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a member of the National Professional Fraternity Association. As a Chapter, we adjust to fit the professional needs of our active members. As described above, Alpha Omega Epsilon serves as a support group for female engineers, and academic and professional assistance are commonplace between members. Numerous professional events are sponsored each semester, and our hundreds of alumnae create an instant networking opportunity.


How social is the sorority?

As with any sorority, membership in Alpha Omega Epsilon offers the benefit of forming a close bond with a number of other females. Every event in Alpha Omega Epsilon is a social event because members are there enjoying it together. Many social opportunities extend beyond Alpha Omega Epsilon membership. As described above, mixers are planned with several fraternities each semester. In addition, social outings are planned with other professional engineering organizations such as SWE. Each fall, the Alpha Chapter celebrates its Founders' Day by planning a Dinner Dance. This is a great time for the actives and their dates. Every spring, a smaller-scale Spring Social is planned. In the past, some Spring Socials have been a boat cruise or swing dance lessons.


What type of leadership opportunities are available in the sorority?

There are many opportunities for leadership development within Alpha Omega Epsilon. Every active member is required to sit on at least two different committees each semester. Each committee is run by a committee chairperson, who are selected each semester. Alpha Omega Epsilon also has a representative on Engineering Student Council. For those seeking higher leadership, elections are held every semester for the executive board. These positions include President, Vice President, Membership Educator, Treasurer, and Secretary. Many members also hold leadership positions in other organizations, often as a result of their leadership experience in Alpha Omega Epsilon.


What types of community service and involvement does Alpha Omega Epsilon participate in?

Alpha Omega Epsilon generally participates in at least one community service event each month. Examples include both Marquette-sponsored events (Al's Run, Hunger Cleanup, Give Us 4 Day) and sorority-planned events (volunteering at the Urban Ecology Center and the Price Is Right store). The philanthropic committee organizes these events each semester. Many members also complete additional service.


What is required of me if I were to become a member?

Prospective members must complete a semester-long candidate process before becoming an active member. This semester is used to educate the candidate and introduce her to the active members and to the ideals and objectives of Alpha Omega Epsilon. Weekly candidate meetings and candidate projects and interviews are required of all candidates. The candidate process is meant to be educational yet fun for both the candidates and actives. It is a convenient "trial period" before a final commitment to active membership.


How much time is required each week?

As a candidate, you must attend an approximate one-hour meeting each week. You must conduct interviews with each active throughout the semester. A candidate project is completed as a team toward the end of the semester. You are encouraged, but not required, to attend all Alpha Omega Epsilon events. The more time you give, the more you will get in return. There is no standard amount of time, but one to three hours a week is a good estimated average.


How much does membership cost?

Candidate dues are $80 for the entire candidate semester. This fee covers all national insurance costs and the cost of all materials associated with the membership education process. It also includes the cost of intiation, which includes an active pin and certificate. Active dues vary each semester, but are usually around $100 per semester. Active dues cover all national insurance costs and the cost of all planned events for the semester.


If you have any other questions regarding Alpha Omega Epsilon or possible membership, please contact President Carly Hanson.