20th Anniversary

Dinner Dance 2003


Fuzzy but cute picture of the Actives. Actives.tif (2818252 bytes)



Hotties.jpg (602787 bytes)

Betsy, Kirsten, Melissa, Krista, Katria, and Nate are having a good time.



Carrie and Keith head to the dance floor. Carrie&Keith.jpg (616939 bytes)



Krista and Jen.tif (2818248 bytes) Krista and Jen pause for a photo.


These girls are all having fun. Me and Krista.jpg (77319 bytes)



DDTrio03.jpg (1010164 bytes) Emily, Kirsten and Katria form a cute trio.



Holly and Bridget share a hug. Holly&Bridget.jpg (597483 bytes)



JFK.jpg (1034471 bytes)

Sam and Emily point out JFK's eternal flaming crotch...I mean, eternal flame, in the Presidents' Hall.



Holly and Michelle - how cute! Holly&Miche.jpg (153394 bytes)



Holly&Sarah.jpg (443820 bytes) Holly and Sarah pose with Boris.



Who brought these psychos? Just kidding, Table 9 forever!. Journey always calls for some crazy air guitar. TieBoys.jpg (1044590 bytes)


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