Dinner Dance 2002



DDActives02.jpg (907776 bytes) Alpha actives!



Hot dates plus a female roommate thrown in for good measure. DDBoys02.jpg (807022 bytes)



Fall 02 Seniors.jpg (26671 bytes) These seniors gather for their last Dinner Dance as actives.



The Fall 2002 Candidate class and their Mem. Ed. Carrie. Fall 02 Candidate class.jpg (25018 bytes)



DDClass.jpg (913476 bytes) The remaining members of the Fall 2001 Candidate class and their Mem. Ed. Bridget.



Amy&Em.jpg (601284 bytes) Em&Katria.jpg (737242 bytes)

Look at all these adorable pairs of Bigs and Littles enjoying the dance!

Dani and Carly.tif (2818252 bytes) Jen and Jen.jpg (18445 bytes)



There's no better time or place to make a fool of yourself on the dance floor. Dancing.jpg (772065 bytes)



AfterCouch.jpg (836036 bytes) Okay, it's 4:00 AM, maybe we should hit the hay.



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