Mission Week

Spring 2004




Cans1.jpg (1766684 bytes) Krista, Mollie, Melissa, and Emily begin constructing their display out of canned goods during Mission Week. The challenge was to build a statement of freedom out of non-perishable food items.



Mollie gives our American flag the okay. Cans2.jpg (632223 bytes)



CansDone.jpg (625157 bytes) It's beautiful, color-coordinated, AND structurally sound! We even won $100 for using the most canned goods.



Melissa, Holly, Sarah, Krista, Mollie, Emily, and Joyce proudly pose behind their handiwork. CansGroup.jpg (613208 bytes)



CansHolly.jpg (606639 bytes) Okay, Holly...just don't knock it over.



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