Candidate Day Away

Spring 2003


Kirsten and Emily prepare a tasty pasta dinner. Candidate Day Away 001.jpg (311435 bytes)


Candidate Day Away 004.jpg (610418 bytes) Nikki and Melissa demonstrate what we do best as Heidi begins to wonder why she is joining AOEat.



The lovely candidates Kirsten and Heidi in their new tshirts! CDASpr03Candidates.jpg (76898 bytes)



CDASpr03Haha.jpg (90189 bytes) Ha.

Ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.



Too much sugar leads to funny faces. CDASpr03Faces.jpg (94609 bytes)



CDASpr03Trio.jpg (90204 bytes) Sam, Amy, and Amy mug for the camera.



Jen seems to be having a great time writing notes. CDASpr03WritingNotes.jpg (69792 bytes)



Candidate Day Away 007.jpg (616031 bytes) Holly and Mollie share a smile.



Everyone had a great time! CDASpr03All.jpg (1051809 bytes)



Candidate Day Away 014.jpg (318509 bytes) Time to go...everyone pile in! Don't lose anyone during the Chinese fire drills!



Sam, Mollie, Sarah, Nikki, and Kristen are having a good time at the store. Candidate Day Away 021.jpg (333159 bytes)



CDASpr03SamsDog.jpg (87018 bytes) Bridget shows off Sam's dog.



The "old people" are ready for bed. CDASpr03Store.jpg (43600 bytes)



Candidate Day Away 025.jpg (235180 bytes)

CDASpr03HollyMelon2.jpg (55852 bytes)

Mollie and Holly have fun with fruit.




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