Active Day Away Fall 2001


ADAfall01table.jpg (103812 bytes) The actives take time from munching on snacks to smile for the camera.





Michelle, Amy, and Emily pose on the top of the lookout tower at the campgrounds.

ADAfall01Trio.jpg (109398 bytes)



ADAfall01all.jpg (142490 bytes) Alpha actives on top of the world.



Yeah, good times. ADAfall01hike.jpg (130294 bytes)



ADAfall01SuperSuzy.jpg (143788 bytes) It's Super Suzy to Melissa's rescue!



Big smiles around the fire from Adrienne, Emily, Amy B., Marie, and Miche! ADAfall01fire.jpg (157870 bytes)



ADAfall01chair.jpg (100068 bytes) Did Bridget trip, or are Steph, Michelle, and Marie just slap-happy?




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