Active Day Away

Spring 2004




ADA IHOP.PNG (551294 bytes) The Actives start their day off with a huge breakfast at the local IHOP.



After breakfast, the ladies head to the Italian Community Center for some indoor bocce ball. Kirsten, Katria, Holly, Melissa, Krista, and Sarah take advantage of the court to make a pyramid. ADA pyramid.PNG (563423 bytes)



ADA group 1.PNG (551935 bytes) Katria, Joyce, and Sam get their balls ready.



Carly, Holly, Kirsten, and Sarah's team takes a more passive approach to the competition. ADA group 2.PNG (566026 bytes)



ADA group 3.PNG (541914 bytes) Krista, Jen, Emily, and Melissa strain to see whose ball is closest.



ADA race.PNG (516402 bytes) Joyce and katria.PNG (495366 bytes)

We made further use of the courts by racing - both running and wheelbarrow.



Sam's face says it all - we had some cheesy fun. Bocci ball Sam.PNG (465608 bytes)



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